Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grand Forks Josef's School of Hair Design lights up the sky!

Grand Forks has always been know for the way they appreciate and celebrate each other. This is an example of that. 

This fire-breathing act was performed by our student, Dan!

Crazy creative fun at Grand Forks Josef's School of Hair Design!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What to do...what to do...

It's time for our annual career fair CONNECT! Our students have been working hard on resumes, portfolios, the perfect outfit and they are so excited to meet our areas salons, spas and businesses.

What a joy to look into the faces of these aspiring cosmetologists with big goals and plans for a successful future. To know that our industry, our education and our community can offer that to them is all the reward we need.

This years participation from our community is huge!

We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome these industry leaders into our schools next Tuesday and Wednesday to make the connection with our students and help create futures so bright...they gotta wear shades. 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Ohhhh the blood, sweat and TEARS!

JAFA happened. Jan. 25th.

Once again, the students managed to bring their creativity to a new level. The work was truly unbelievable.

Honestly, every single one of our students who entered a model deserves SO MUCH credit! Credit for being brave, creative, bold, confident and for sharing their talents with our community.

But we do select winners in each category. We do this to embrace friendly competition and push our students to do their best. We do this so our students can add this recognition to their portfolios. Also - who doesn't LOVE walking home with the traveling trophy (given to the school voted on for the best Unity.)

So, in this blog, we would like to give a shout-out to our winners of JAFA! To start - Danae V. was awarded 1st place in our "PAPER rocks scissors" category. Her model was also selected for the Student Choice Award AND she earned the Overall Winner.  This is her talent, on a beautiful model.

Honestly, when we talked to Danae about the time, energy, brain-power, patience, vision she had in creating this piece, you understand a little more about her total dedication to this competition. And it showed. She started planning immediately and if she didn't like a piece or how something looked, she started it all over again.

So, congratulations Danae V. for all of your awards earned at JAFA this year. Now, for our other award winners...


1st Place for Hair Cuts: Sarah K., Daniel L. and Shanna H.
2nd Place for Hair Cuts: Katie H., Tracy S., Pricilla V.
3rd Place for Hair Cuts: Elizabeth T., Elora F., Sam K.

1st Place for Color: Sarah K., Pricilla V., Katie H.
2nd Place for Color: Jordan B., Carly F., Alyssa R.
3rd Place for Color: Marissa S., Tinna L., Daniel L.

1st Place for Paper: Danae V., Megan S., Myung C.
2nd Place for Paper: Katie H., Kassie B., Daniel B.
3rd Place for Paper: Annmarie R., Sherry L., Lakeya N.

1st Place for Good vs Evil: Ruby G., Simone B., Margo M.
2nd Place for Good vs. Evil: Leah B., Nichole B., Taryn K.
3rd Place for Good vs. Evil: Elizabeth S., Catie R., Ashley J.

1st Place for Make-up: Sam K., Miranda R., Tana G.
2nd Place for Make-up: Hannah O., Carrie H. Margo M.
3rd Place for Make-up: Lexi W., Imelda R., Madelyn H.

We would also like to give kudos to our Alumni who entered their own category for the show. We realize that they have to dedicate time away from their work to put together their looks and we are so honored to have our Alumni return each year to show their support and love for our profession. Our winners this year are:
1st Place: Courtney G.
2nd Place: Maggie D.
3rd Place: Kristie Y.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to the show to support us. For all our models who dedicated the entire day to our show and blew out of their comfort zone to strut their students' talent down the runway. To our educators who put their heart and sole into every one our students. To our leaders who made it all happen from the posters to the music to the entertainment. And for Mr. Josef and Mr. Mario who led us all here. Thank you.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Josef's Annual Fashion Awards

Pinterest is exhausted. Our high fashion magazines are tattered and torn. Craft stores look like they have been hit by a super sale. Friends won't answer our phone calls anymore. This can only mean one thing: JAFA is soon approaching and our students' creative brains are working overtime.

Josef's Annual Fashion Awards started January 14th in 2005 when a genius team of instructors decided it was time to show off our students' talent to the community.  The students were given a tiny bit of direction and they took it from there. What happened that night will forever be remembered and has set the path for what you experience now.
                                                                       JAFA 2011

The house was packed (Avalon) and there was standing room only. The models were unbelievable. The students amazed us. The love overflowed. The photos were blurry but the memory is not. Those who had the privilege of being at the first annual JAFA will never forget it.

Eight years later our annual event has become something much more than we could have imagined. At JAFA our students bring creative and artistic styles displayed on models who so graciously put aside their fears and strut down a long runway.

The Venue, Fargo has been our home for JAFA since 2005 and they have been so incredible to work with. They have professional lighting and sound that mentally takes you out of Fargo and right into the seat at a New York fashion week runway show!
A sneak peak behind the scene...

Our day starts at 5 am when we wipe the sleep out of our eyes and replace it with false lashes and sparkling gems. The well thought out hair creation takes place and our models slip on a costume to bring it all together as they run out the door to be judged by noon.

Yes, judged. Imagine taking your hard work - pick one: cooking, painting, writing, crafting and then put it on a live canvas - and let it be judged. Yes, scary. The judging of 200 - 300 models is done by a panel of amazing Cosmetologists. Rehearsal is at 4 where our professional dancers choreograph our models and make sure their own performance is perfected.
                                        FIRST PLACE MODELS/STUDENTS JAFA 2009

Doors open at 6 to a line that is already out into the parking lot. People flood in to get front row seats. This event is attended by 1,500 proud family members, Josef's graduates, friends and professionals of our industry who support our students beyond measure.


 The students change,
the categories change,
the judges change,
the entertainment changes,
but the love and respect for our team,
students, instructors and school is always there.

Come join us, January 25th, Friday - there is always room for more in our family!
Tickets available at the door that night


Monday, November 5, 2012

INSalon 2012


Women's Evening Total Look - Comb Out

Women's Day Total Look - Cutting

NEW! Men's Day Total Look - Cutting

Trophies and Cash Prizes Awarded
for 1st - 3rd Place

Awarded to the competitor with the highest combined points
from both competitions.

4th - 6th Place Medallion Award
Creative Fashion Medallion Award
This is what our students saw, on a piece of paper. From there, they had to decide - do I WANT to participate? The easy answer is: NO.
Why on earth would anyone want to enter the unknown - put their art out there in front of everyone to see and to judge? So, NO. It is decided. We will not do it!
Then, the piece of paper comes to life. In our voices. The voices of the instructors, the voices of fellow classmates, our family and the voices of students who have attended previous years.  Words of encouragement from each other - and our confidence grows. Maybe we can do it! We start to say it out loud - it sounds okay. Our friends are IN - at least we will be together.
Ok, I'll do it!
But wait, it isn't over.
Who will model? What will they let me do with their hair? Why did they back out on me? How can I afford to go? Why did my classmate and best friend back out on me? Why did work say I can't have the weekend off? Why am I getting the flu? Why did this haircut/style/color not turn out how I envisioned it? Why did it turn out exactly how I envisioned it and my model doesn't like it?  What am I going to wear? How can I leave my family for 3 days?
Is this really going to be worth it?
Understandably, some drop out of the race here. However, they WILL cheer their fellow classmates on as the rest load up their cars with models, make-up, hair supplies, clothes and 20 pairs of shoes.
In the end - was it all worth it?
You will hear a loud YES!
The relationships get stronger, confidence grows, education happens and the memories last a lifetime - win or lose.
We couldn't be more proud of our 80+ students who marched themselves into the experience this year!
And we celebrate, together, as only a family can, the 11 who brought back trophies.   
Congratulations to
Shelia B. - Danny Ewert Award
Sheena C. - Creative Fashion Women's Day Look
Sarah K. - 6th in Women's Updo
Ashley O. - 2nd in Men's Look
Sheila B.- 3rd in Men's Look
Madalyn H. - 4th in Men's Look
Sheena C. - 2nd in Women's Look
Beth S. - 3rd in Women's Look
Christine I. - 4th in Women's Day Look
Chelsey T. - 5th in Women's Look
Lakeya N. - 6th in Women's Look

Check out this short video to see highlights of the event!  http://vimeo.com/52056137

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is a team?

IF you ask Wikapedia, it is this...

A group in itself does not necessarily constitute a team. Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize his/her strengths and minimize his/her weaknesses. Team members need to learn how to help one another, help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their limitations.

Here is how the definition of TEAM applies to our school...

This time each year our students are getting ready for some HUGE events. InSalon is just one of them. It is a hair show and student competition in St. Paul, MN that we attend and compete in every year. This event is a big deal for us because it is our opportunity to prove our talent and take home trophies to add to our collection of talented students and industry leaders for Josef's.

As we prepare for this event, I can't help but notice how our school really demonstrates the definition of team.  Here are some examples of things I have observed:

Our NEWEST students  (who started school in September) are attending the show - but with the main agenda of cheering on the rest of our student body. They have been encouraging the other students and are making signs to hold during the competition to show their support...

This in turn has helped one of our New Talent students Carrie to go forward with confidence and know that she will be supported at the event...

Because she is supported, she has passed on some of her confidence to Sarah, who after some serious personal conflicts was thinking about dropping out of the competition, but now is going forward...

These examples are just a few compared to what is actually going on daily right now as our students really maximize their TEAM'S potential.

Our amazing instructors, including Mr. Mario and Mr. Joseph are so important in this competition as they encourage and help the students realize their true potential and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their limitations.

If you happen to be at InSalon this weekend - look for the beautiful team of people - all supporting each other and all wearing this year's Josef's t-shirt.  Feel free to join us - as we always have room for more - if you want to know the love and kindness that our team has to share.

Best of luck to everyone and a special thank you to our models for your time and commitment too! We love you all so much!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Carpet Dreams come TRUE for Hairstylists! Join me...

Come and take a trip with me....ready?

We are guests at a fabulous event for Cosmetologists at the Downtown Minneapolis Convention Center.  We pull up to the Hilton hotel and the energy has already arrived with the bustle of beautiful women and men - all dressed well with gorgeous hair.

Upon arrival we receive a gift bag so heavy we have permanent shoulder dents from carrying the bags of products and hair supplies back to our luxurious hotel room. We are giddy with delight as we  can't wait to try them out and maybe even share with our friends back home!

Next stop - our first meal. We are surprised to see that we will be dining with 3,000 people total! The room is elegantly put together and the food is so delicious! After dinner we are to meet in another room for the entertainment of Dana Carvey.  We walk in and are greeted with the smell of popcorn and all the candy we can eat, all while we laugh so hard we cry.

The next day begins with great food and amazing speakers. The entire day is filled with education, fun, hair competitions, hair products, energy that only Cosmetologists can bring and an inner peace knowing you just may have the BEST "job" ever.

As day turns to night - it is time to get our evening gowns. From cocktail dresses to ballgowns, we walk into the most gorgeous room filled with unbelievable creativity, beauty, uniqueness and the best people watching event you will ever find!

During the evening we are overwhelmed as the MC's of the night announce award after award recognizing so many for their continued efforts in our profession.  What strikes us is the genuine support and love this group of 3,000 people has for each other. They whistle, cheer and cry in celebration as their friends, managers, leaders, mentors, co-workers and family members get called on stage in recognition.   The night concludes with a dance party and conversation amongst friends.

The next day is a conclusion of the last two days, more awards and a hair show that always brings excitement in our industry! To showcase unique talent and be continuously inspired and send us all back home with a little piece of love, influence, ah-ha moments and forever changed is a mission accomplished!

As we drive home exhausted, yet filled to the brim - I must ask - aren't you glad you came with?

Happy 30th Birthday Great Clips! Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you!  http://www.salontoday.com/news/Great-clips-172292341.html?ref=341